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The Hiring Board: Biographies

Meghan M. Biro Founder of TalentCulture

Meghan M. Biro is a globally recognized brand strategist, analyst, digital catalyst, author and speaker. As founder and CEO of TalentCulture, she has worked with hundreds of companies, from early-stage ventures to global brands like Microsoft, IBM and Google, helping them recruit and empower stellar talent. She is a regular contributor at Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and several other media outlets and hosts #WorkTrends, a popular weekly Twitter Chat and podcast. Meghan regularly serves on advisory boards for leading HR and technology brands.

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Small But Mighty: Why Brands Must Craft a Meaningful Candidate Experience

Today’s job seekers behave like consumers. They tend to seek out the presence of an employer before applying, and treat the entire experience as something to be considered, evaluated, and — most likely — reviewed for others to see. Given this intensely tight talent market, candidates are also well aware that they can pick and […]

Karie Willyerd Head, Global Customer Education & Learning at SAP

Winner of over 40 awards in learning and talent development, including #1 ATD Best Award and 2017 Distinguished Contribution award. Global lead for the SAP customer business. Coauthor of two best-selling books on the future of HR and careers.

Bill Jensen CEO of The Jensen Group

Bill Jensen makes it easier to do great work. He helps companies and teams double their productivity and pursue their passions. He has spent the past 25 years studying how work gets done. Bill is an internationally-acclaimed thought leader, author of eight best-selling author, and CEO of The Jensen Group.

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How 5 Minutes Can Completely Change Your Recruiting Results

To truly succeed in the recruiting process, the end that must be revealed is that individual’s dreams and personal goals. You should spend at least five minutes—(preferably more, but you can learn a lot in just five minutes)—asking them about their dreams and personal goals.

Sharlyn Lauby Author, Writer, Speaker, Consultant of HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby is an author, writer, speaker, and consultant. She is best-known for her work on HR Bartender, which has been recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as one of the top five blogs read by HR professionals. And her personal goal in life is to find the best cheeseburger on the planet.

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5 Recruiting Tactics to Connect and Engage with Candidates

One of the most important steps in the interview process is often one we spend very little time doing – selection. Hours are spent reviewing qualifications, interviewing candidates, and internal discussions among the recruiting team. But when it comes time to evaluate and select a candidate, some hiring managers will spend minutes making a final […]

Jeff Mills Director of Solution Management with SAP SuccessFactors

Jeff Mills is Director of Solution Management with SAP SuccessFactors. Jeff has a long history in SaaS, product marketing, digital marketing, and user behavior. Before joining SuccessFactors, Jeff was Director of Marketing for Janrain, a customer profile management software company. Prior to that, Jeff led the marketing organization at a global governance, risk and compliance firm; and led product development roles in email marketing and ecommerce and was a researcher at Gartner.

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Helping SMBs Choose the Right Recruiting Technology

Recently I was asked to participate in a podcast regarding recruiting technology and how small businesses can filter through the clutter of information and solutions out there. Feel free to listen to the whole podcast series as well as topics on effectively evaluating candidates, challenges of SMB recruiting, and building talent pipelines. It is my belief that […]

Tony Restell Founder of Social-Hire.com

Tony Restell is the Founder of Social Hire, a specialist social media agency whose focus is on using social media for recruiting. Previously Tony built and sold a successful job board business in the UK. He’s a guest speaker at leading MBA schools across Europe and a published author.


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Why You Still Need Job Boards in the Era of LinkedIn

With the media furor over the rise of LinkedIn, you could be forgiven for thinking that job boards are now defunct and consigned to the graveyard. The reality is rather different – and for small business owners in particular, there are some very compelling reasons to turn to job boards whenever you’re making your next hires.