When Coworker Feedback Gets Chaotic

Guillaume Vingtier

The hiring and recruiting process isn’t easy, and when your own team can’t coordinate their interview feedback, it certainly doesn’t make it easier.

Any of these scenarios of chaotic coworker feedback sound familiar? 

1 – After your coworkers interview a candidate, you politely ask them for feedback. But instead of writing a concise email, or having a conversation, they all leave post-it notes without any context stuck to your computer.


2 – Or when your colleagues neglect to respond to numerous requests for feedback. And when they do, it’s convoluted and confusing.

3 – Or your co-workers have provided feedback, but it’s all written within long email threads requiring you to scroll through messages and decipher what’s being said.

This is actually quite normal, especially for small companies without a dedicated HR department. But collecting candidate feedback from coworkers doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming.

There are solutions that can alleviate this organizational stress. Here are some ways to simplify the hiring process for all parties involved.

1. Have clear communication goals to help establish expectations on how and when to present interview feedback. When you send out the interview invite to your colleagues, consider also sending out meeting invites to share feedback. That way you ensure that your coworkers will take the time to share their thoughts on the candidate.


2. Being conscious of your coworker’s time, you can develop a rating system that’s quick and easy to use. This could be as simple as a star or number rating with the ability to add in comments if your coworkers feel the need to elaborate.


3. Coordinating and gathering feedback from your coworkers is only a portion of what needs to be done when hiring. Consider using a recruiting and hiring tool that automatically integrates coworker feedback directly into your end-to-end hiring process. This helps keep candidate information and feedback from coworkers organized in one place and easy to access.

Coordinating with coworkers on interview feedback can be frustrating, but there are solutions to help you along the way. Happy hiring.

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Go-To-Market lead for WorkConnect by SAP.

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